Am I Too Young to Make a Will?

July 14, 2021  

Wills involve planning for your eventual death. You are putting down on paper what happens to your property when you pass. The truth is that wills can go beyond that to include instructions about what happens to your minor children. You could even have a living will that gives healthcare instructions if you cannot make decisions on your own.

A Will Makes Things Easier for Your Family

Given everything that could be in a will, you are never too young to execute the document. You never know when the unexpected can happen. If you die or become incapacitated without a will in place, your loved ones will end up in a far worse situation than the one in which they already rind themselves. It is a virtual certainty that your family will end up in court to deal with the situation. However, without your clear wishes on paper, things will be left to a judge to decide.

Besides the obvious reason for hesitation, many people want to wait because they think that they may change their minds in the future. They do not want to be locked into arrangements right now. However, your will can change as your wishes and life circumstances evolve. You can always execute a change to your will. It is better to have something on paper than to run the risk of not having anything. 

What Your Will Can Include

Many people take full-time employment after the age of 18. This is the magic number because it is when you are an adult for the purposes of making a will. They may end up having children not long after that. Everyone wants a say in what will happen to their assets if they die, even if they do not have a lot of money. When they have children, it is crucial to make possible plans for them. Your will may include:

  • Who will raise the children if both parents die
  • How your children are to be raised
  • How your money is to be used to raise them
  • The selection of a guardian for your children’s inheritance

Your need to have something on paper about your children arises no matter how old you are. If you did not have a will in place before your child was born, you should definitely consider it now. In addition, if you are buying your own home, you should also have a will no matter how old you are. Certain situations require continuity and decisions to be made if you were not to be here anymore, no matter how old you are. It is never too early to begin speaking to a lawyer about a will. If things change, you can always update your will as necessary. 

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