Automobile Accidents

March 28, 2017  

Experienced Sheffield Village Auto Accident Lawyers

Every year, far too many innocent people are seriously injured in auto accidents. Indeed, according to data collected and published by the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), more than 107,000 people were injured in the state in the year 2015 alone. This figure includes at least 2,400 car accident injuries in Lorain County alone.

If your crash was caused by another party, you are legally entitled to seek financial compensation for your damages. Sadly, despite this fact, fair compensation remains difficult to obtain. To do so, you should always work with an experienced Northeast Ohio auto accident attorney. Your attorney will be able to determine exactly how to best protect your legal rights along with the viability of your claim.

You Need to Act Quickly After a Crash

Victims should get their case into the hands of a qualified lawyer immediately after their accident. First, this is important because it gives your lawyer the best chance to begin investigating your claim. With a proper investigation, your lawyer will be able to build a compelling case on your behalf. Further, quick action will ensure that you do not run into problems with Ohio’s statute of limitations. Under Ohio law, injured victims only have a limited amount of time to initiate their legal claim. After that time runs out, victims may lose out on their legal options.

Ohio Car Accident Liability

In Ohio, liability for a motor vehicle accident must be established under the state’s comparative negligence standard. This means that a party can only be held legally responsible for a crash if it can be determined that his negligence contributed to that accident. Additionally, it also means that liability will be assigned in direct proportion to a defendant’s percentage of the blame. For example, if a driver is deemed to be 100 percent at-fault for an accident, then he will bear all of the liability for that crash. Alternatively, if a driver is only found to be 60 percent at-fault for a crash, then he will only be held liable for 60 percent of the total damages.

Compensation Available for Victims

You should seek compensation that is equivalent to the full value of your losses. Under the law, compensation may be available for both monetary losses and intangible losses. Our firm may be able to help you recover money for:

  • Vehicle damages;
  • Medical bills;
  • Psychical or psychological therapy;
  • Lost wages, including lost future income;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Loss of limb or disfigurement.

Were You Injured in an Ohio Car Accident?

Our attorneys are ready to help. At Kryszak & Associates, Co., LPA, we have helped many car accident victims recover full and fair settlements. If you were injured in a crash, please do not hesitate to call our offices today at 440-934-5330 or 1-888-934-5330. We represent victims throughout the region, including in Lorain, Avon Lake, Elyria and Eaton.