Child Custody

March 28, 2017  

Family Lawyers Who Know How To Handle Child Custody With Experience

Nothing should come between you and your relationship with your own children. At Kryszak & Associates, Co., LPA, our team works extremely hard to help individuals protect their parental rights. We have vast experience in child custody cases, which are officially referred to by Ohio courts as the ‘allocation of the parental rights and responsibilities’.

Regardless of the terminology, the core issues remain the same. Your rights must be vigorously protected during every step of the process. If you are involved in a child custody dispute in Northeast Ohio, please do not delay in contacting our experienced child custody attorneys today.

Child Custody: Understanding Ohio Law

The state of Ohio uses the ‘best interests of the child’ standard in custody cases. If you are involved in a custody battle, it is critically important that you understand how this standard may impact your case and your rights. The key thing that you should know about this standard is that it is all-encompassing. To determine the ‘best interests of the child’, an Ohio court will try to take a comprehensive view of your case, balancing all relevant issues. Factors that courts will consider include:

  • The child’s physical safety;
  • Psychological health;
  • Emotional well-being;
  • Overall development; and
  • If the child is old enough, their own desires.

What does this mean for parents? It means that their wishes are always secondary to what is deemed best for their children. To prevail in a custody dispute, you need to be ready to address any concerns that the court might have in order to further that goal.

Shared Parenting (Joint Custody) Is Favored

Ohio courts tend to favor awarding the parents joint custody. If all else is equal, then shared parenting will be awarded over giving either parent primary custody. However, of course, a joint custody arrangement is certainly not always in the best interests of the child. It may be because one parent is simply unfit for shared custody, or it may be because the logistics simply make joint custody too disruptive for the life of the child; regardless, the best interests of the child can overcome the presumption towards shared parenting.

There may be many different reasons why you believe that you should have primary custody of your child. To make it happen, you must take action. If you are passive, your rights may not be respected. You should work with your attorney to present a well-crafted case, that clearly and calmly explains both why you are able to provide a good environment for your child and also why a joint custody arrangement would be detrimental to your child’s development and well-being.

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