The Probate Process

August 24, 2021  

Probate is a court-supervised process in which the executor of an estate gathers assets, pays off debts and taxes, and distributes what’s left to heirs. The probate process can be complicated for many reasons. For example, it may involve multiple jurisdictions, or there may be disputes among family members about who gets what.

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What Does the Probate Process Entail?

Probate is the process in which a court oversees how an individual’s assets are collected and distributed to heirs. The probate process can be complicated for many reasons, and even a seemingly straightforward estate can become more challenging than you would expect in probate.

The Ohio probate process begins when someone dies, and their family members file their last will and testament and a probate petition with the proper court. This is followed by an order from the court that appoints someone to serve as an executor, who should be designated in the will.  

This person must then give notification of probate to all interested parties, and may also need approval from creditors or family members before making any distributions on behalf of the estate. The executor is responsible for making note of all available assets and debts and assessing their value. All documents must be carefully filed with the local probate court. The probate process is finally complete when all assets are transferred to suitable parties, including creditors, the IRS, and beneficiaries outlined in the deceased’s will.

Many Issues Might Arise in the Probate Process

The probate process can be complicated for a variety of reasons. Mainly, family members and other interested parties may dispute the validity of the will or claim the deceased experienced undue influence to amend a will. Some beneficiaries might accuse the executor of mishandling estate property or otherwise failing to uphold their fiduciary duty. 

Such disputes will need to be resolved in probate court before the case can move forward. For these and other reasons, it is important to have knowledgeable probate attorneys available when you need them most.

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